Events of Mok

Playing this week 30.12.12

Been in Sweden this week so all my gaming has been iOS. I tried to catch up on The Walking Dead and played through episodes 2 and 3. Episode 2 I saw the end coming half way through but enjoyed the trip. Episode 3 on the other hand caught me completely by surprise. It was so amazing it drew my housemate in for the last two thirds. I’m so pumped for episode 4.

I also discovered Space Team this week. It was such a blast with a couple of people. But we played it three or four times in a row and I felt a little burnt out. Pity. I guess I have to find some new people to play with.

The last game that took up a chunk of my time was a gift in the iTunes 12 days of Christmas giveaway called Score. It a physics based football game where you are recreating famous goals. You don’t actually play any football but draw lines to make exact passes from these famous goals. I think football nerds need only apply.